Kelly White Design

KWD: Designin' your Websites for Over 140 Years

In 1870, Fergus Kelly and Gunter White opened the first Kelly White Design Website and Sundries Emporium in Wyandotte, Michigan, with little more than a nickel, a rusty tin can and a dream.

Not surprisingly, the walk-up storefront offered no website design, and only limited sundries, but Fergus and Gunter were confident it would succeed.

And they were right! At the close of its 2014 fiscal year, Kelly White Design operated 863 mall-based retail stores, most with co-located Kelly White Design Auto Centers, and an additional 1,200 retail locations including bulk food outlets, discotheques, all-you-can-eat cafeteria-style restaurants, as well as a thriving network of Kelly White Design To Go franchise locations spanning the globe.

With a current budget of $1.18 and a pop can deposit slip worth $4.60, Kelly White Design has made over one hundred-fold its start-up costs! We at Kelly White Design, Inc. are proud to say, "That's something the shareholders can take to the bank!"

DISCLAIMER: Kelly White, owner and designer, has been designing and developing logos, websites and brand identities for over 15 years, but Kelly White Design has probably not been open since 1870. There is no all-you-can-eat buffet or pop can deposit slip. Everything about the history was made up. Except the photographs. And the part about the budget. And Gunter.

Website Design

Professional. Affordable. Creative. Suave. Fiesty. One Hundred and One Clients and Counting. For the last thirteen years, this fun to work with, home-grown Kalamazoo business has become the go-to name in web design.

Her portfolio speaks for itself, but don't stop there! Explore our website to learn why companies say "For sites done right, call Kelly White!"

Graphic Design

Kelly White Design offers a full range of graphic design services including logo design, brochures, business cards, product packaging, menu design, signage, uniforms, advertisements, and more!

We can also convert your logo ideas into vector artwork (used by print shops, sign shops and embroiderers) and bitmap artwork (used for web design and desktop publishing).

Site Functionality

What else can your website do? Maximize your resources, automate tasks, and increase marketing efforts effortlessly: social media integration, user account log-ins, database development, e-commerce, content management solutions and so much more!

If your website isn't making you coffee and serving up sales leads at the same time, you have the wrong web developer.